SunriseRecon is your complete, end-to-end enterprise solution for Custodial Reconciliation.

The SunriseRecon Suite has been specifically designed to address challenges within Investor Accounting by providing a complete

solution for Cash Book, Custodial Reconciliation and Test of Expected Cash business processes that meet Reg-AB requirements

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A Complete Solution

SunriseRecon provides a complete end-to-end solution for Custodial reconciliation within an enterprise application. The graphic below presents the different application components within the system.

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Business logic modules address the specific needs of the Custodial reconciliation process:

Cashbook and Banking

SunriseRecon fully integrates with your financial institution to automatically consume bank statement files on a daily basis. Obtaining bank balance and transactions daily (vs. waiting for monthly statements) affords greater clarity over the state of custodial accounts. The Cashbook and Banking modules offer the following benefits and features:

Custodial Reconciliation

SunriseRecon is specifically designed to cut down on the manually intensive tasks of putting together a Custodial Reconciliation work file and allow analysts to focus time on what matters: researching and resolving Test of Expected Cash outages. The Custodial Reconciliation module offers the following benefits and features:

Clearing Account Recon

SunriseRecon’s Clearing account reconciliation module reduces the complexity of balancing and clearing items from your Payment Clearing, Disbursement Clearing and Miscellaneous Clearing accounts. SunriseRecon combines and organizes bank statement data with information from different departments within the enterprise (i.e. cashiering, treasury, accounting, etc.) into a clear Reconciliation Summary. Powerful reconciliation rules make easy work of clearing and balancing the account. The Clearing Account Reconciliation module offers the following benefits and features:

EFT Settlements

SunriseRecon has the ability to create, approve and dispatch ACH and wire payments directly with your bank. If you already have this ability via your Treasury workstation or other system, the EFT Settlements module may be leveraged to capture loan-level details linked to Custodial Reconciliation wire and remittance requests. The EFT Settlements module offers the following benefits and features:

We are always expanding our offerings based on feedback we receive from our clients or changes we observe in the industry. If you are wondering about a feature that you need that is not listed above, please ask us. We have grown our business and our products from comments and suggestions coming from business process experts like you.