SunriseBilling brings simplicity and transparency to your sub-servicer invoicing process.

The SunriseBilling Suite fully streamlines the time-consuming and sensitive process of aggregating and quantifying billing items while

bringing confidence and transparency to the process for both the sub-servicer and the client.

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Billing Made Simple

SunriseBilling brings a streamlined and consistent process to creating a sub-servicing invoice. Controls within the application help ensure that the billing statement is free of errors, while automation tools allow the analyst to focus on adding value instead of feeding a manually intensive process. The graphic below presents the different application components within the system.

The Bill Processing module offers the following benefits and features:

Complete Transparency

The sub-servicing billing process involves more parties that the group responsible for collecting and producing the invoice. The sales and legal teams drive pricing as well as the allowed items to charge the customer. Investor Reporting and other departments in the organization supply data to the process. Finally, the customer receives and reviews the invoice. Integration between the Billing Setup and Billing Processing modules offer transparency and consistency between all parties involved:

Confidence in Controls

The most important requirement over the entire sub-servicing billing process is that the invoice received by the customer is correct and complete. Sunrise Billing recognizes this basic but interestingly complex requirement by including audit controls and discrepancy alerts at each and every step of the process:

Custom Configuration

We recognize that each sub-servicing shop has their own “secret sauce” when it comes to defining what items should be billed as well as how these items should be billed to customers. Experience has also taught us that there may be great differences in these items within the same sub-servicer - legacy clients may be treated differently than new clients or incentive pricing may affect the terms for an existing client relationship from a given point forward. For this reason, we have made SunriseBilling fully configurable using online pages. This means nothing is “hard-coded” - you have access to mold and change the system process as the business changes (governed by user access permissions to maintain integrity).

We are always expanding our offerings based on feedback we receive from our clients or changes we observe in the industry. If you are wondering about a feature that you need that is not listed above, please ask us. We have grown our business and our products from comments and suggestions coming from business process experts like you.