Technology Delivery is the vehicle that materializes a solution from concept to implementation.

Our Technology Delivery team is comprised of functional and technical professionals that are intimately familiar with our software and

understand your business and the industry.

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The Technology Delivery team will be engaged during your implementation to ensure that our software is configured correctly for your business and that you can start using the system as quickly as possible.

Support / Upgrades

The Technology Delivery team ensures that your system keeps running smoothly by performing maintenance and upgrading your application to the most current supported release if you are using SunriseRecon Online. If you are under an On-Site License, the Technology Delivery team supplies the upgrade scripts and maintenance packages for your company to apply on your own timeline. Under both hosting scenarios, the Technology Delivery team is your first line of customer support that comes included as part of your licensing fee.

Integration / Data Sourcing

Data availability and quality of information are undoubtedly the most important factors determining the success of a technology. Our Technology Delivery team has deep experience integrating data, whether it be from your Servicing system or transactions housed in Excel and Access, into our system to produce meaningful results. We are also comfortable building technology bridges in the form of feeds and interfaces with 3rd-Party systems to ensure that our applications fits neatly within your IT ecosystem.


Knowledge is the first step to success and the key to fully utilize the power behind our applications. Our Technology Delivery team is available to conduct training either in a classroom setting or for small groups.


Do you need custom functionality or a new technology module that we do not yet offer? We can build it. Our Technology Services team is highly efficient in designing and developing technology in a short period of time; it is the core of our business. Let us materialize your business requirements into a working solution