Business Advisory services provide a context for technology to target an operational challenge head-on.

Our Business Advisory team goes beyond technology by targeting inefficiencies in your operations and providing actionable advice on how to run

your business more effectively.

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Break Identification / Categorization

Success in Bank Reconciliation projects not only requires a solid plan for the future-state of operations; it involves addressing risks and potential issues found in the current-state of the business. This is particularly true with Break Items-discrepancies identified by your current Cash Book or Custodial Reconciliation practices. Depending on the size of your organization, identifying and categorizing Break Items can be somewhat overwhelming. Our Business Advisory team can help minimize this time consuming and labor intensive effort by helping your company centralize Break Items, categorize them into standard definitions and help provide loan-level detail when it is not available. We believe this service is an excellent complement to a systems implementation or change in process.

Business Training Programs

Do you need to train your staff on core business functions such as learning how to resolve Break Items / Test of Expected Cash outages resulting from Cash and Custodial Reconciliation or how to most efficiently research outages in loan Modifications, Liquidations, ARM Changes, Stop Advance among several other categories? Our process experts can construct a curriculum and training materials to instruct staff on how to most efficiently complete complex operational requirements. We offer general classroom training as well as masters sessions geared toward small groups of high performers.

Implementation Readiness / Process Improvement

Our Business Advisory team can perform an assessment of your current Investor Reporting and Investor Accounting business practices and issue a scorecard detailing areas of improvement with actionable and measureable goals. We can also perform a readiness evaluation to determine the level-of-effort that will be required for your company to begin using SunriseRecon or any system of your choice.

Process Outsourcing

Under certain situations, we can complete your Custodial Reconciliation requirements for you using SunriseRecon Online. This service is particularly effective for small operations that perhaps do not have a dedicated team to perform Investor Accounting functions. All Custodial Reconciliation reports are performed by U.S.-based analysts with at least 3 years of experience completing Cashbook and Test of Expected Cash reconciliations. You may monitor the process by accessing the system at any time and completed reports are delivered electronically on time for your approval to meet Reg AB requirements.