Integra Mortgage Solutions is a young company with great ambition.

Our goal is to modernize the technologies and business processes supporting Investor Accounting and

Investor Reporting activities in an effort to push Mortgage Servicing technology to the 21st Century.

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Who We Are

Integra Mortgage Solutions is a young company with great ambition. Formed in 2012 by a group of proven professionals in Mortgage Servicing and Enterprise IT, Integra has set forth the goal to modernize the technologies and improve business processes around Investor Accounting and Investor Reporting. With SunriseRecon as our first software release, Integra has firmly planted a strong foothold in what we envision will be a long and rewarding road to push Mortgage Servicing technology to the 21st Century.

Meet the Team

Christian T. van Dijk


Christian co-founded Integra in 2012 with the purpose of modernizing the technologies supporting the mortgage industry. As Integra's president and lead product designer, Christian's goal is to create smart technologies to help his clients succeed by focusing on specific needs and delivering measurable results.

Prior to starting Integra, Christian was a senior consultant at IBM implementing enterprise software solutions for Fortune-500 clients. Previous to his work at IBM, Christian was a strategy consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers for financial services clients in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. Christian holds a business degree from Boston College with a concentration in marketing and finance.

Justin Cooley

Vice President, Solution Delivery

As a business process perfectionist, Justin strives to bring clients efficiency and control in their operations by leveraging the right technology. At Integra, his primary focus is to ensure business needs are well represented in the technologies we build and that customers successfully transition their operations onto our applications.

Justin is a family man and enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids. He is a competitor and strives to be the best at what he does. His competitiveness comes from his love of sports including soccer, snow skiing, golf, and football.

Sagar Potluru

Vice President, Technology

Sagar is a technology enthusiast. He is passionate about building software products by leveraging cutting edge technologies. At Integra, Primary goal is to continuously innovate, build and deliver software solutions to customers with top-notch quality.

Sagar enjoys mentoring team members. He is a vivid reader and continuous learner. Outside of the work, Sagar likes to run or play outdoor sports and Spend quality time with family.

What We Do

Integra Mortgage Solutions is primarily a software company. We offer targeted solutions to address challenges within Mortgage Services and Lending that our founding members have faced themselves while working at other companies. Our deep knowledge of the business allows us to also provide Business Advisory services that help companies achieve process improvement and operate more efficiently.   With SunriseRecon as our first large-scale release, we are focused on providing a complete Custodial Reconciliation and Test of Expected Cash solution to address the needs of Investor Accounting.

Our Mission and Values

We are confident that our technology can fulfill the needs of the largest companies in the industry; after all, our company was born as a result of grouping together our individual experiences and successes addressing these same needs for some of the leading companies in the business. This does not mean, however; that Integra is only available to the big players. Small operations, even those with just a handful of Investors can benefit from our offerings with plans that are affordable. We are committed to our mission and will do everything in our power to meet our goal to push Mortgage Servicing technology to the 21st Century.

Our values are represented in the name we’ve chosen for our company:

Integra - Integrity. This is the foundation to how we run our business and conduct ourselves in our personal lives. We believe that transparency, character and honesty build a smooth road to success.

Mortgage - Our focus. We are targeting a very specific set of challenges by focusing on the Mortgage Servicing industry. We believe that our focus is our strength in fulfilling our company’s mission and goals.

Solutions - Our Drive. To us, a solution implies Action; something Measurable and Intelligent, that is also Intuitive and Complete, designed to Address a Specific Need. These criteria are what we use to develop our software and design our service offerings.