Our mission is to become the first choice of Mortgage Servicing for business-driven technologies.

We believe that thought and discipline paired with solid technology can overcome any corporate challenge. Our commitment to our mission and

values give us confidence in our ability to deliver solutions that are in the best interest of our customers.

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Our Mission and Values

We are confident that our technology can fulfill the needs of the largest companies in the industry; after all, our company was born as a result of grouping together our individual experiences and successes addressing these same needs for some of the leading companies in the business. This does not mean, however; that Integra is only available to the big players. Small operations, even those with just a handful of Investors can benefit from our offerings with plans that are affordable. We are committed to our mission and will do everything in our power to meet our goal to push Mortgage Servicing technology to the 21st Century.

Our values are represented in the name we’ve chosen for our company:

Integra - Integrity. This is the foundation to how we run our business and conduct ourselves in our personal lives. We believe that transparency, character and honesty build a smooth road to success.

Mortgage - Our focus. We are targeting a very specific set of challenges by focusing on the Mortgage Servicing industry. We believe that our focus is our strength in fulfilling our company’s mission and goals.

Solutions - Our Drive. To us, a solution implies Action; something Measurable and Intelligent, that is also Intuitive and Complete, designed to Address a Specific Need. These criteria are what we use to develop our software and design our service offerings.